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Do you love photography and want to take better photos of your family?

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A family photo challenge packed full of incredible tips to level up your family photography!

Teaching you the basics of digital photography with bonus tips on how to pose, prompt, create + capture moments PLUS tips on how to lift your photos with photo editing!

The 14 day challenge comes with daily emails, video explanations and an E-book to step by step guide you through each days challenge and how to make the most of each day!

Smart phone or DSLR friendly

14 DAY CHALLENGE resource kit

Aunt E's Family Photo Challenge

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Everything you need to know to create more beautiful images of your family!

With in-depth camera or iPhone tips, photography basics, creative ideas, poses and prompts to try at home! This course really will change the way you comment your life’s moments.

the dive deep guide to documenting your family's story

E's Family Photography Guide

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As someone who has worked in the newborn world for 9 years, I share my tips and tricks to document your lovely new bebe in the comfort of your own home.

Camera tips, set ups, poses and newborn safety. All included in this neat little E-book!

never miss one moment

Photographing Your Newborn Bebe

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Great photographs are all about the moment. Not the camera they were captured on!

Learn the basic principals of photography and be the master of your smart phone and NEVER miss a moment again.

the iphone guide

Photographing Your Family

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Jessica Price

Where do I start with how amazing Erin’s family photo course was! I have alway loved to take photos, but never really got into the nitty gritty of ISO, aperture ect... but with Erin’s step by step course, explaining everything in a way it was easy to understand and apply to your photos for the daily challenges. I have been able to take my photos from being ok to amazing thanks to Erin. The course also developed a deeper love for photography now - if only my daughters felt the same way about being my subjects 😂 so if you just dabble in photography be it with a camera or on your phone, I highly recommend you join in Erin course, you won’t be disappointed!!

 "I highly recommend you join in Erin's course, you won’t be disappointed!!"

past students say:

I have created a super fun 14 day challenge to really level up your photography game! And the best news is you can do it all with just an iphone!


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