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The Journal

Masumi’s Gift

There was a stillness to this session that I can still FEEL when I look at these photos.
The purest, simplest, kindest love. A calm yet excited buzz in the air, in anticipation for the new arrival on the way.


Lam Fam

For this adventure, we wanted to go to Fringe, although, Fringe had sadly finished, but we found the last place in town with fringe banners at least to have a cheeky wink to their favourite time of year


Baby Cunningham

I love being able to document a few of the first sweet moments of new families with their bebes!


Let’s Go To The Zoo!

What better way to celebrate Jack’s first year on earth by taking him on his first ever Zoo trip PLUS his first Birthday cake smash all in one!
What a wild adventure!


How to choose the Perfect Photographer for YOU | Learn From E

Before we get to choosing your perfect photographer, let’s quickly touch on how to FIND your perfect photographer!


The Teddy Bear Picnic

“If you go down in the woods today You’re sure of a big surprise”


Whether I am the one to take your photos or not, I love to know our lives loves and happy moments are being documented! Because time isn’t slowing down and our moments matter.

Welcome to my creative world! I am the gal with a camera and a big smile on my face! I am here to help you preserve your memories and document your families story.

Oh Hey! I’m Erin or you can call me E!

I have created a super fun 14 day challenge to really level up your photography game! And the best news is you can do it all with just an iphone!


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