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Be Yourself: Tips for Creating Authentic and Memorable Photographs | Perth Family Photographer

A photo session can be an exciting and memorable experience, but it can also be nerve-wracking and stressful for some. I believe the key to creating authentic and memorable photographs is to relax, be present, and enjoy the moment. I wanted to share the Demler family photo session. This session and this family were the […]

Education, Family

Cloudy Days are pretty too! | Perth Family Photographer

Next time there’s rain in the forecast, maybe think twice before cancelling your photographer! Cloudy days are pretty too! I for one am so happy that we ignored the weather app for this love filled family photo session Contact me to book your own family photo session E

Erin McKenzie Creative Mini Session

Mini Session Day | I left my heart at Kawa Heart

Mini Session Day Hey! It’s been a while since you have heard from me! I am still in the depths of delicious mamahood/maternity leave and I am LOVING every minute! However, for some reason this morning I woke up and felt the tug to share some photos with ya’ll and why not some of the […]


It’s Autumn at the Cherry Farm

I am going to take you on an Autumn photo adventure to the home and property of Tess and Tim + their two lil ones, Adi + Sonny! This family casually live the ‘absolute dream’ on an incredible Cherry Farm that has been a part of Tessa’s family for generations.Tess and Tim booked me in […]


Golden Love

This is summer.
This is the Zindani family
This is golden love.


Lam Fam

For this adventure, we wanted to go to Fringe, although, Fringe had sadly finished, but we found the last place in town with fringe banners at least to have a cheeky wink to their favourite time of year


I have created a super fun 14 day challenge to really level up your photography game! And the best news is you can do it all with just an iphone!


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